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Physical Activity, Diet and Lifestyle



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Care Giver Support

Continuous Glucose Monitor Options

Diabetes Medications

Diabetes patient education library

Diabetes Sick-Day Rules:

Find a diabetes education program

Gestational Diabetes


Help For Schools

Hypoglycemia Treatment: Glucose Products

Hypoglycemia Resources for Diabetics

Insulin Injection Instructions

Insulin Pens

Insulin Pump Infusion Sets

Insulin Pump Options

Living with Diabetes: Lifestyle Resources

Living with Diabetes: Self-Care Behaviors

Mental Health Resources: ADA

Mental Health Resources: DiaTribe

Mental Health Provider Directory: ADA

Online Support Group: ADA

Online Support Group: Diabetes Educator

Online Support Group: DiaTribe

Tips for Seniors

Understanding Diabetes

Physical Activity, Diet and Lifestyle

3 Ways to Create Healthy Eating Habits with Snacks (Peds)

A Guide to Your Food Groups (Peds)

An Hour a Day to Play (Peds)

Breakfast Tips & Chart (Peds)

Calorie/Carb Counting: CalorieKing

Calorie/Carb Counting and Recipes: Fooducate

Dr. Yum Project (Peds)

Eating Away from Home (Peds)

Family Meals & Chart (Peds)

Fitness: ADA

Fun Indoor Activities (Peds)

Great Snacking Tips (Peds)

Healthy Living

Healthy Living (Peds)

Keeping It Balanced (Peds)

How to Really Make Snacks Count Blog (Peds)

Knife Skills

Let’s Move! (Peds)

Make Snacks Count (Peds)

Meal Planning: ADA

Meal Planning: DiaTribe

Meal Tips for the On-the-Go Athlete (Peds)

Physical Activity Chart (Peds)

Pitfalls of Snacking (Peds)

Planning Celebrations to Include Play (Peds)

Proper Portions (Peds)

Quick Tips for Healthy Snacking (Peds)

Reading Food Labels: ADA

Recipes: ACPM

Recipes (Peds)

Recipes: Diabetes Food Hub

Refuel with Smart Snacks (Peds)

Screen Time Goals (Peds)

Sleep Routines (Peds)


Suggested Activities for All Ages (Peds)

The Nutrition Source

Tips for Picky Eaters (Peds)

Tips to Increase Fruits & Vegetables (Peds):

Tips to Limit Sweetened Drinks (Peds)

Tips to Stay Active (Peds)

Understanding Carbs


5 Mental Health Tips During Social Distancing

7 Tips for Relaxation and Stress Relief During COVID-19

7 Tips for Working Out at Home

Coping with Stress During COVID-19

Eating Healthy While Working from Home

How to Workout at Home

Know Your Rights

Worker Safety: Not Everyone can Work From Home


Childhood Obesity

Childhood Obesity Facts and We Can!

Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes

Obesity Treatments

Talking to Your Child about Weight+Health (Peds)

Understanding Obesity

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Abbott Technical Support (FreeStyle Libre)

Calorie King

Carb Counting with Lenny

Dexcom App

Dexcom Technical Support


FreeStyle Libre Download



Lose It!

Meal & Playtime

Medtronic Technical Support



Omnipod Technical Support

One Drop


Tandem Technical Support (Tslim)

Savings Programs

Affordable Insulin Project

Insulin Savings Programs

Non-Insulin Programs

Spanish Resources



Blood Sugar Log:

Blood Sugar Log Pregnant:

Diabetes Log for CGM:

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