Diabetes and Obesity Care


Managing Diabetes and Obesity can be frustrating…

Unrealistic Diets

Can make home cooking time-consuming, unappealing and costly.

Busy Schedules

Juggling kids, school, traffic and limited PTO can make medical visits hard to keep.

Cookie-Cutter Care

Finding specialists who truly see and listen to you can be challenging.

Our Mission

To provide accessible care for effective diabetes and obesity management.

Welcome Statement

DiabesityMD is a primarily virtual metabolic clinic that provides comprehensive, evidence-based, patient-centered care for adolescents and adults with obesity and diabetes. We help our patients achieve meaningful weight loss and improved blood sugar control leading to fewer complications and cost savings.

Our clinic partners with individuals, providers and employers to remove barriers and provide the tools needed to effectively manage diabetes and obesity long-term. We accomplish this by providing flexible scheduling options and optimizing treatment regimens that not only address the current diseases but also lowers the risk for complications.

Our Core Values

Holistic Approach

Our team uses an integrative approach to address the many factors, including sleep and stress, that impact diabetes and obesity.


We collaborate to develop personalized plans that can include medications, lifestyle prescriptions, therapy or bariatric surgery.

Evidence Based

Our treatment recommendations are based on current guidelines and are designed to treat obesity and diabetes as multifactorial diseases.

Convenient Access

We offer flexible scheduling options to improve access to quality diabetes and obesity care.

What We Offer

Diabetes Management

Diabetes care that includes managing pumps, smart devices and CGM’s to achieve optimal control

Obesity Management

A long-term partnership designed to help individuals successfully achieve and sustain weight loss goals

Culinary Coaching

Providing tools to successfully create culturally appropriate, palatable, nutritious, affordable meals at home

Wellness Coaching

Trained coaches who listen without judgment and work with you longitudinally to become “unstuck”

See How DiabesityMD Has Changed People’s Lives

Check Out What People Said

What was your absolute biggest challenge prior to seeing Dr. Blair?

Sherman Burnett:Hypertension”

Heaven Thompkins: “Obesity”

Donnie Frails:I have hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and pre diabetes that was poorly controlled.”

How did that challenge make you feel?

Sherman Burnett: “I wasn’t understanding why I was dealing with this at a young age given that I’m very active, eat fairly well, and never been a smoker or drinker.”

Heaven Thompkins: “Defeated.”

Donnie Frails:It made me feel bad, because I knew I had to change.”

What changed after working with Dr. Blair?

Sherman Burnett: “Dr Blair gave me a great understanding of my overall health. She educated me on natural and medical routes to implement to take control over my health.”

Heaven Thompkins: “My whole view on how to loose weight. Dr. Blair is an educator and she is very knowledgeable on nutrition and how to prepare foods that taste great. When you learn that food do not have to taste nasty to be healthy and how changing your diet and lifestyle not only helps you loose weight but it lowers the blood pressure, cholesterol numbers and controls diabetes.”

Donnie Frails:I am no longer prediabetic and my cholesterol and hypertension are all good. I have even lost some weight with her recommended lifestyle changes.”

What specific results can you share?

Sherman Burnett: “I had great results under Dr Blair. Following her guidance I lost 32 lbs. I feel great, and my hypertension is under control.”

Heaven Thompkins: “It has been a gradual slow process, but I have lost one hundred pounds and I went from a size 22 wide to a size 10 regular.”

Donnie Frails:My blood pressure started ranging about 200’s/90’s and it is now ranging 130’s/76’s. My total lipid panel had my risk of having a heart attack or stroke was high and now I’m out of the risk factor all together. I was pre diabetic with an HgbA1c of 6.3% and now my Hgba1c is 5.2%.”


Dr. Giselle Blair

Our team at DiabesityMD is led by our medical director who has over 15 years experience in healthcare. Dr. Blair received her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins and her MD from St. George’s University School of Medicine. She is board certified in Family Medicine and Obesity Medicine, is fellowship trained in Diabetology and completed Harvard’s certification in Culinary Coaching.

Our Process

Step 1

Call insurance to verify coverage

Step 2

Schedule initial visit

Step 3

Complete in-take forms


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